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KB Paulino

About JKB

With an exclusive roster of artists, JKB Music has consolidated itself as one of the most prestigious management and promotion companies in the music industry with its headquarters in New York City and operations in the Dominican Republic, Europe and various countries in Central and South America.

KB Paulino, is the CEO and founder and has a lot of experience in the entertainment world. He has transformed his life skills into a catalog of expertise that, for close to two decades, has allowed him to create effective strategies and success stories with different artists.

Born in the Dominican Republic, KB arrived in New York City with his family at six years of age. With musical roots from the Dominican Republic in his head and heart, he began immersing himself in the hip-hop culture of NYC and enjoyed free styling at home, but he quickly realized that his place was behind the scenes.

While attending high school he began promoting events on the streets, passing out flyers and putting up posters, learning from the bottom up the importance of street marketing. KB was promoting events with Pesao Productions and Dj Baby Face in the Bronx and Uptown NYC, for artists like Anthony Santos, Oro Solido, La Banda Gorda and a newly formed group named Aventura.

Although he wasn’t allowed in the clubs because he was under age, he always managed to get in and be close to the action. It helped him understand all of the aspects of the music business. This also allowed him to spend time with artists, managers and promoters that became his mentors and confidants.

Despite his youth, KB began organizing his own events, concerts, booking DJs and bands on the campus of SUNY Plattsburgh and other colleges, north of New York City. He quickly became one of the most successful promoters of the moment, all while he majored in Communication with a concentration in Radio.

Once he graduated from college, the next logical step was to continue with his promotion and management company BX. 4 Entertainment. This was when he began to work with the first group he managed “Dynasty & Padrino” (2006) recording artists of UBO/Afuego Records. In 2009 he then became the man behind the worldwide hit “WataGataPitusBerry” by Sensato and Black Point, a song and artists that garnered worldwide recognition. KB Paulino was responsible for managing Black Point during the development and promotion of “WataGataPitusBerry.”

Today his roster is comprised by five artists with a great present and an even better future: Mozart La Para (since 2012), Sensato del Patio (since 2014), El Poeta Callejero (since 2015), radio and television personality Brea Frank (since 2015) and Spiff TV (since 2015), a video director and producer with a great career in the hip-hop universe that has worked with Rick Ross, French Montana and Diddy, among others and has the intent of consolidating himself in both general and Latin markets.

KB’s philosophy is simple. Lots of work; discretion; always looking for the best opportunities for his artists; having a solid team working together; an active traditional, digital and big data marketing plan with the idea of always continuing to innovate and being on the cutting edge of modern marketing and technology.

“My name is my biggest treasure. My reputation is my business card and the name we have created at JKB Music is a result of many years of work, creativity and honesty,” is the best way that KB explains his solid career in the world of music since 1997.