Brea Frank


October 18th


San Cristobal, Dominican Republic


Francis Brea Alvarez


Brea Frank is one of the most influential radio & TV hosts in recent years in the Dominican Republic. At 29, he has excelled in his 12pm – 4pm radio show Monday to Friday on Mortal 104.9fm, the station with the highest ratings in the country and recognized in major national awards.

His phrases are commonly used by the public. Phrases such as:

· “Que barrial!”
· “Aniveles admirables”
· “Ayyyyyy!”
· “Yo tú y… No me pierdo eso and others”

His voice has gone around the world with the famous call “Son Reebok o son Nike”; without a doubt, a Viral hit in 2014 with over 10 million views on youtube. Brea is also part of the staff of presenters of “Sabado Extraordinario” that airs on Telemicro Internacional on Saturdays at 12 noon.

His transition from host to DJ now puts him as the most sought-after personality for the clubs in the capital and the interior of the country.